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Campus Nissan Service
Special people do special things! With over 135 combined years of continuous service the Campus Nissan service team knows how to take care of you and your vehicle.

Taking Care of Mother Nature
No other car manufacturer insists on as high standards as Nissan. Campus Nissan has been recapturing and recycling refrigerants since 1993, and all staff handling environmental sensitive materials have been specially trained and certified.

Free Service Loaners and Rides
Book ahead to stay mobile if required when your vehicle is in for service. If you need a ride we are happy to oblige.

Taking Care of You!
When you return to pick up your serviced vehicle you won’t have to play hide and seek to find your vehicle. Our courteous service staff will have your vehicle washed, vacuumed, and pulled up to the service causeway door for your convenience.

The Best Technicians
Our technicians are continuously upgrading their knowledge of Nissan Automobiles, and we are proud to have several regionally and internationally acclaimed staff members on our team. The efforts of all our service personnel are one of the main reasons Campus Nissan has been able to maintain our yearly position as an Award of Merit Dealership.

You may now book your service appointment online!
To book a service appointment, click on the link below and make sure to include your name & telephone number as well as information about your vehicle such as year, make, and model.

Book A Service Appointment

Campus Nissan
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