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Bill Mosher


Auto Finders is a personalized used vehicle shopping service. We are based in Victoria BC Canada. Our mission: We help local and out-of-town clients locate, inspect and negotiate their next quality used vehicle.

WHY USE Auto Finders?

Most of our clients live on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. We are dedicated to people who haven’t the time or patience to shop for a vehicle and make an informed choice. We are extremely picky about the cars we locate. Our clients are women (and men who admit they need help!), couples, professionals and seniors. Please note: you must come to Victoria to take delivery of your vehicle. For Gulf Islanders we include a shuttle service from Swartz Bay to Victoria.

Here are some typical customers who hire Auto Finders:

  1. "I hate car shopping! I would rather be in the dentist chair!!"

  2. "I think I know the car I want, but my partner and I both work, and there is simply no time to shop."

  3. "It’s been years since I bought a car. I'm overwhelmed by the vast selection! What do I do?"

  4. "I'm a single parent and do not have enough time and energy to make the right choice."

  5. "I know exactly what I want, but every time one comes on the market, it sells before I can get there!"

  6. "Should I buy a good used truck or is an SUV a better choice?"

  7. "I want to get rid of my current car because it is a GAS HOG. Do I try to sell it privately or do I trade it in? What should I replace it with? I need help!"

We know each client has different needs. We take the time to ask a lot of questions to help you make the best choice.


To locate and negotiate your next quality used vehicle, our fee is $495 plus GST. We ask for $300 plus GST to get the ball rolling and the balance of $195 plus GST is due when your next vehicle is in your driveway. Go to How It Works for more details.

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